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ULTRA Beets Heart Chews

ULTRA Beets Heart Chews

NEW Perpetua.Life ULTRABeets. Just take two delicious fruity berry-flavored soft chew any time of the day to keep normal blood presure! 

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    • 500mg of Beet Root Extract
    • 150mg of Grape Seed Extract

    Other Benefits

    Beetroot contains high levels of dietary nitrate (NO3), which the body converts into biologically active nitrite (NO2) and nitric oxide (NO). In the human body, NO relaxes and dilates blood vessels.

    Researchers have concluded that consuming  beetroot juice daily significantly reduces blood pressure in people with high blood pressure. [1]

    For one thing, they are made with clinically-researched grape seed extract for added heart health support. Not just from any grapes. But the finest quality grapes from the Loire Valley in France. 

    They’re packed with a fruity BURST of pomegranate-berry flavor in every deliciously delectable bite.  

    They combine two of nature’s most heart-friendly foods, beets and grape seed extract. Yet, they DON’T taste a thing like beets! They have a tart, fruity, pomegranate berry flavor. You’ll love it with the first bite.  

    And they're so EASY to take with you. For even the most hectic morning schedule.  

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    • Clinically proven to:

      • Promote normal blood pressure as part of a healthy lifestyle
      • Provide circulatory support
      • Promote plant-based, heart healthy energy
      • Support heart health
      • Help protect against oxidative stress & damage

      Plus they are made with no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors.

    • Servings

      30 servings - 60 capsules



      Recommended Use

      Take 2 soft chews a day.