Move your body

Mobility, Strenght, Cardio

The goal is to build a healthy and strong body, who isn’t afraid of any physical challenge. We want you to feel awesome, look great and move even better. We encourage you to be able to lift heavy objects, run 10k and not be afraid of a 5 hour hike even in your 60’s. The combination of Mobility, Strength, Cardio and constant learning of new movements should challenge the child in you. This process allow you to not get bored with the training and improve your fitness.

It won’t ever be easy, you will just get fitter than you have been and the „unreal“ tasks from couple of months ago will be a piece of cake now.


One of the fundamental pillars of a functional and healthy body is the ability to perform various movements and exercises in a full range of motion. With modern methods such as RAILS/PAILS, loaded progressive stretching, and end-range control, we utilize a combination of mobility, stretching drills, and strength elements combined with movement control to build a consistently sustainable and improved range of motion. These specific drills are primarily used in warm-ups or as accessory work and homework.


Think about how many people in have lower back or neck pain. It's mostly people with sedentary jobs who don't get enough exercise, and their muscles are simply weak. Therefore, strength is very important, and such training will look different for everyone.

For a beginner, an effective strength exercise could be simply sitting on a chair and standing up, while for an athlete, it could be a deadlift with 150kg. It's important to find variations of exercises and movements that make sense for your situation and goal, have a clear plan, and work hard to achieve it.


Who wants to feel uncomfortable when climbing 20 stairs or running to catch a bus? Probably very few. Who wants to play soccer with children and be forced to stop after 15 minutes because they feel like their heart will jump out of their chest and can't breathe? Probably very few.

Basic cardio is a huge YES in terms of health as prevention of cardiovascular diseases. In the case of athletes, training is more specific based on what restricts the athlete the most: lungs, heart, muscles.

Individual Consultation

Every person has a different story. Your lifestyle, habits, sports background or injuries are forming your body and everyone’s mobility, strength, coordination or even pain tolerance is different. Let's break it down into 4 steps:

  • 1. Assess

    We start with a casual talk about what are you actually looking for and if we can help you achieve that goal. Vice versa, you should believe in our abilities to programm the best program for yourself.

  • 2. Evolve

    Your first task will be to provide us some video data, so we can assess your movement restrictions or disbalances. This is a important step for the training concept & workout program

  • 3. Program explanation

    Your wishes & goals & movement assessment results in a workout program. We want to explain to you our ideas, thinking and the concept behind the training plan tailored for you.

  • 4. Weekly feedback

    Now it’s your turn. The feedback that you provide during training sessions allows us to adjust your program for the next week. These tweaks ensures that we stay on the right path.

Why try Individual coaching?

  1. Tailored for you and nobody else
  2. Going for a vacation? Not a problem, your next week will be changed
  3. We will find a way for you to train anywhere, anytime
  4. Movements assessment will tell us exactly, what movements to prescribe for you

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