Cold Therapy

Let yourself experience the secrets of cold therapy and discover how incredibly beneficial it is for your body and mind. Cold therapy comes in many forms. Let's find the best one for you.

We have an experienced cold therapy instructor and the author of the book "Cold Therapy: A Frosty Guide for Those Who Want to Dive into the Secrets of Cold Adaptation." For many years, he has been leading expeditions to Mountains in shorts alongside the book's co-author, Veronika Allister. He also conducts group sessions and provides cold therapy experiences for corporate teams.

What will cold therapy bring you:

  • more energy and enthusiasm for life
  • enhanced focus and increased brain activity
  • better recovery from stress
  • improved athletic performance
  • higher-quality sleep

"Take off that coat, you'll get sick."
Wim Hof

Breathe Therapy

"I breathe, therefore I am." Breath is one of the two main sources of our energy (the other being food).

We share the experiences and scientifically validated breathwork techniques to help tailor specifically to your needs.

Our approach to breathwork is based on personal experiences and the latest scientific knowledge. It combines traditional practices such as Indian pranayama, and Chinese qigong, and modern systems like the Oxygen Advantage, as well as insights from authors and instructors like Dr. Belisa Vranich and James Nestor.

Properly setting your breathing patterns will bring you:

  • more energy throughout the day
  • less fatigue
  • improved focus
  • increased resilience to stress
  • better physical and mental recovery

    Libor assists top Czech athletes and entrepreneurs in optimizing their breathing and breath patterns. But it's not limited to them - He is happy to help anyone interested in their breath.

    "Before you try to control the world, control your breath."
    Eastern proverb

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